it was so inviting it hurt my bones
"I knew she wasn't English because she spoke it far too well. The grammar was goodly, the verbs as they should be and the slang was bang on the bell. So as the language barrier clanged and banged, I couldn't hear--hear or see. England, London, and Bow crumbled into the sea."



Devon Aoki x Chanel fashion Show


you come into my house, you disrespect my problematic fave

Country Sad Ballad Man


Blur - Country Sad Ballad Man

Could any song be more appropiate right now? Guess not.

Yeah, I found nowhere 
It got to know me 
Let me sleep all day 
Spend the money 
I haven’t felt my legs 
Since the summer 
And I don’t call my friends 
Forgot their numbers 

VIP 223 
I had my chances 
Or did they have me 
Now stay up nights 
Watch TV 
I’m country sad 
I’m a ballad man 

the bitches from the posh school just out of town are so rich and they afford the best drugs & best makeup i wish my parents were millionaires

nvrnucles replied to your post “:/ [[MOR] im feeling very sad + lonely atm and my friends aren’t…”

im sorry!! i hope u feel better bab sending u love from the states

ignify replied to your post “:/ [[MOR] im feeling very sad + lonely atm and my friends aren’t…”

ur amazing katie and u deserve the best!!! i wish i could give u a hug rn but sadly i am far away so i’m sending u my best <3

sorry im only replying to this now!! thank you i love you two sooooo much it means a lot xx

I am in a terrible mood i have a sore back and an overwhelming amount of homework and i just snapped at my mum and i am so stressed and sad!!!!!!!!!!! Just want everything 2 pause for a bit thanks


Silvia Sala
Fog in Venice, 2012

when i am rich + famous im going to throw out all my knickers and buy a thousand brand new pairs

imagine the amount of iphones in the crowd at a 1975 gig


ahhhh the word cock is so nasty!!

yes but i once read a fic where they said “zayn kept dicking into harry” and from then on ‘dick’ has never been an acceptable word